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overprints on advertising clothing
Advertising clothing is an indispensable element of conferences, events, fairs or company's events. A huge range of products, allows us to adapt to the Customers’ unique needs.
Screen printing we know how to do it

We use screen printing for both low volumes and for hundreds of thousands of items.
We print simple, single-color designs as well as multi-color prints with tonal transitions.

clothes and gadgets
with print
  • Bags and sacks
  • T-shirts
  • Polo
  • Sweatshirts
  • Fleece
  • Softshells
  • Jackets
  • Clothes for kids
  • Caps
  • Sportswear
Greenprint -
news and sales
Screen printing – where it works the best?
Screen printing is not only the oldest, because it has been known for thousands of years, but also the most durable of marking techniques. The invention of screen printing is attributed to the Japanese, who, according to the saying “necessity is the mother of inventions”, reached for this technique to decorate their kimonos in an...
About the phenomenon of printed eco-bags
A cotton advertising bag, apart from being a modern advertising medium, is perfectly in line with current eco-trends. You may take it to work, shopping, meeting friends or taking a walk with child. It will contain everything that’s necessary. To protect the environment, cotton bags successfully replace the traditional plastic bags. The possibility of printing...
Advertising T-shirts with print – your customers will love them
Comfortable advertising t-shirt, made of high-quality cotton, is a great advertising gadget. Printed t-shirts will be great for: trade fairs, employee events, concerts, promotional events, but also as a universal company clothing for employees or an awards for participants of sport events. Printed T-shirts are very popular – they are one of the most popular...
Why is it
We treat every order with maximum commitment. We will help you choose the proper product and printing method matched to your expectations.
Based on the work organization system developed over the years, we guarantee the effective production process of each order. Our clients appreciate us for promptness, fast delivery and high quality products.
Highproduction capabilities
We are making both single-color prints and multi-color designs with tonal transitions. Depending on the customer’s needs, we make orders of small quantities (starting from 10 items) as well as orders which amount to hundreds of thousands of pieces.
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