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Screen printing – where it works the best?

Screen printing is not only the oldest, because it has been known for thousands of years, but also the most durable of marking techniques. The invention of screen printing is attributed to the Japanese, who, according to the saying “need is a mother of inventions”, resorted to this technique to decorate their kimonos in an original way. Fascinated by the effects that they managed with screen printing, they quickly loved this technique … Why do we love screen printing and where does it work best?

First of all: durability

Properly fixed screen printing, with properly selected washing temperature, will allow to enjoy excellent quality and durability for many years.

Second: all-purpose

Screen printing has a hudge range of applications. It works not only in textile marking (polyester and cotton fabrics), but also as an original method of printing on different kinds of advertising gadgets: umbrellas, promotional posters and labels.

Thirdly: visual effects

By using special inks for screen printing, we can make unique and eye-catching effects. So reaching for phosphorescent paints the printed design will glow in the dark, another paint will give a 3D effect, and the brocade paint will make the print elegant and prestigious.

Fourthly: great opportunities

Screen printing allows you to make simple, one-color designs, but also multi-color prints with tonal transitions. Screen printing works both at low expense and in the orders counted in hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Fifth: a great way to promote

Decorated with screen printed advertising gadgets, t-shirts, cotton bags, caps or blouses, will help with professional presentation of your company. The brand logo printed with that method will be visible for many years, and stay a long time in the clients’ minds.

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