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printing method
screen printing
The screen printing technique involves forcing the paint through a matrix made of an aluminum frame and a grid with a template drawn on the frame. We use screen printing for both low volumes and for orders counted in hundreds of thousands of items. We use screen printing for simple, one-color designs as well as multi-colored prints with tonal transitions – usually for t-shirts and eco bags. Each color is printed separately and requires the preparation of a separate screens, which affects the cost of such printing. We are using modern automatic machines which allow printing of up to 12 colors.
DTG digital printing
It is one of the most popular and innovative clothing and textile marking techniques. Digital printing is characterized by incredible precision and accuracy in reproducing even the smallest details of the designs. The print is made with a special printer. It does not require matrix preparation, so it can be used even with the least expenditure. The cost of printing does not depend on the number of colors used, as in the case of screen printing, but it is much more expensive for large quantities. We use digital printing when applying designs to cotton products.
Thermal Transfer
It is also called thermo-printing. This method involves printing special paper or film in a mirror image, and then transfer the design into the material using a special thermal press. The cost of such printing, which we usually use for marking cotton and some synthetic fabrics, depends on the amount of colors used and the amount of printing. Thermo-printing is perfect for personalized products.
Embroidery is made by using high-quality threads, and a computer-controlled embroidery machine that allows precise project reproduction. The embroidery technique is not one of the cheapest methods of decorating, but it allows you to get an esthetic, very elegant, even exclusive, effect. Starting the run requires preparation of a professional embroidery program. Embroidery works well for decorating a wide range of products, ie: caps, t-shirts, jackets, softshells, but also for products that exclude other marking methods – towels, fleece.
Foil flex decoration
The technique of applying a single-color flex foil to clothing. The foil earlier cut out by a special plotter, is transferred into the material by using a specialized thermal press. The white foil can be printed digitally in full color. The flex foil method works well for low-volume orders, starting from just one item, as well as for personalized product. We apply flex foil to cotton products and on some synthetic fabrics. After the foil is pressed into material, the print becomes extremely durable.
It consists in printing special sublimation paper with the special inks and then transferring the design into the fabric using a specialized thermal press. This technique allows you to perfectly reproduce a multi-color, even the most complicated graphic design. The best effects of sublimation printing are obtained on white material, which is why sublimation is used for printing on white materials containing a large amount of polyester (minimum 70%). The pattern applied in this way is completely imperceptible to the touch and irresistible.

Why do we use only cotton eco-bags and high quality clothes?

Because the environment is important to us. We believe that ecological solutions contribute to the protection of the Earth.

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